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So Vanilla

Rebranding a business is always a sensitive exercise. Do you keep your outdated logo or risk upsetting your client base with a change?

In the past few years there has been some HUGE companies rebrand: Google, Instagram, Mastercard, Subway are just to name a few, and they all have something one thing in common - they are vanilla. Although a popular flavour, there is something so plain and unadventurous about these rebrands.

Now don't get me wrong, I personally consider all three examples to be improvements on the previous logos, but this designer is feeling a bit empty. As a freelancer, we look to big branding projects for inspiration and these companies should be leading the way with their new logo designs. Instead we are experiencing just another soft serve that any first year university graduate could dish up.

Here's hoping that we get to see a range of flavours coming into the market soon, vanilla is satisfying no doubt, but I want to feel my taste buds tingling!

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